Baker & Shuksan Mountain, WA
September 2017

Mt. Baker Scenic Byway

Caught the dramatic last rays of the sun on Mt Shuksan,
then to my surprise, the moon came up shortly afterwards!
Next morning saw a wonderful sunrise over Picture Lake!

There is a Mountain Goat napping on Baker Mt.
This shows the power of the Nikkor 200-500mm with Nikon D500
First pic starts at 18mm, then switched to 200-500mm
and cropped to 100% at 500mm, can't get any closer. Find red arrow.

You can see Baker Lake way down there and Mt Rainier in the distance.
There is a haze over Baker Lake, and a big fire has just broke out near Sunrise, Mt Rainier.

Found this wonderful huge private campground 10 miles down from Artist Point.
All the pics is of OUR spacious Campground!

Silver Fir Campground Website

Second photo is near the same spot that was taken in mid 1930's.
Dad, his Father, Uncle George, Sister, Grandma, Mother, Brother.

BALD EAGLES at Skagit & Baker Lake

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