Mt. St. Helens Windy Ridge, Spirit Lake
October 15, 2017
Mt. St. Helens Windy Ridge Info/Map

Went to Windy Ridge on Northeast side of Mt St Helens.
I've been to five major NW mountains w/lakes this year so far.
N Cascades loop/Diablo Lake - Baker/Shuksan Artist Point/Picture Lake
Mt Rainier/Reflectiom Lake/Snow Lake - Mt Adams/Takhlakh Lake
Mt Hood Loop/Trillium Lake - Mt St Helens Windy Ridge/Spirit Lake.

Cloud cover changed several times pretty fast up here

Spirit Lake as seen from top of Windy Ridge

Mt. St. Helens & parking lot seen from top of Windy Ridge

Windy Ridge as seen from parkng lot.

Spirit Lake right below Mt. St. Helens

Changing cloud cover while there seem to fit the mood of Mt. St. Helens

Closeups of Mt. St. Helens

Mt. St. Helens as seen as I was driving up. Snow & Fall foliage!

Some pics of Mt Adams seen from Mt St Helens

Oregon's Mt. Hood in the distance

You could see a little bit of Mt Rainier at the end of Spirit Lake

Drove through some snow on the way up.

Saw nice fall foliage on the way up to Mt. St. Helen

Mount St. Helens Before and After the Blast

When we went to west side of Mt. St. Helens

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