Mt. Hood Scenic Byway & Trillium Lake, Oregon
October 4, 2017
Mt. Hood Scenic Byway Info/Map

I wanted to stop and see Multnomah Falls & Vista Point, along the Columbia Gorge
but both were closed due a masive wildfire that they are still trying to put out.
So I settled for Crown point (below) taken at dawn
and headed for Hood River for that part of the Mt Hood loop.

Mt Adams as seen in WA across the Columbia River from Hood River
where you make the turn south on the Mt Hood loop

Some Vineyards with Mt Adams as a background

Some farms with Mt Hood as backdrop

I was hoping to see some fall foliage on this trip, but wasn't much yet.

Now heading for Trillium Lake as seen from hwy 26

I had fun with the birds and chipmunks at the lake

There was a wedding at the lake

Last light Sunset on Mt Hood and some stars an hour later.
Moon rose out of sight to the right and prevented from seeing more stars.
Great way to end a very nice day!

Website on trips here in the past, showing Bald Eagle & Osprey

Trillium Lake Info


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