White Pass Ski Resort, Washington
January 13-15, 2018
White Pass Ski Resort Info/Map

My wife and I went to White Pass Ski Resort for the weekend
So I will start with a few of my favorite mountain photo's on this trip
as my passion is Mountains and lakes.

Two of Mt Rainier on the way up before you get to Elbe.

Right before White Pass Ski Resort, Rainier Viewpoint in morning.

At Viewpoint again in afternoon.

At Viewpoint again at sunset

Two of Dog Lake, just past the White Pass Ski Resort.

Mt Rainier from the top of the Ski Resort mountain!

The center of White Pass. Very busy there!

Action at the Resort!

Little kids learning to ski with excellent Instructors and Parents

My wife, Iryn taking Ski lessons for first time!

Falling is part of learning... just get back up and do it again!

Ski lift to the top! Very foggy at the bottom, sunny at the top!

In between the fog and clearing, the view was to die for!

Going back down on ski lift

Really nice lodge we stayed in at Packwood,
just 18 miles down from the Ski Resort

Fits the Packwood, White Pass area theme. Owners are really nice!
Mountain View Lodge, Packwood website

Look at what we saw a block from Mountain View Lodge at night!

Pioneering, inspiring snow-sports filmmaker Warren Miller,
93, dies at Orcas Island home



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