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Jack Moskovita

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Mountains, Lakes, Wildlife & Birds Photographer

Jack Moskovita lives in South Hills, Puyallup, Washington with his lovely wife Iryn. His life is dedicated in equal measure to his family and to his professional pursuit of perfecting his art of photography. His skill creates works of beauty that are sold commercially, framed in corporate board rooms and displayed in national parks.

Jack was born with a camera in his hand. He is a third generation, professional photographer, who 'inherited' his love of photography and the outdoors, from both his father and his grandfather. When his dad retired from wedding, portrait and darkroom photography in the 1990's, Jack followed his own passion and returned to his grandfather's specialty, Mountain, Nature, and Wildlife photography. He ditched the film and chemicals, bought one of the first digital cameras manufactured, (the Casio QV-10) and also mastered the digital age darkroom, Photoshop CS6 and was off and running on his own career. He has been unstoppable ever since.

Jack's passion is Mountain Lakes photography, especially capturing the grandeur of Mount Rainier, Mt Adams and the North Cascades, and the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. These are in his backyard and offer many wonderful scenic and wildlife photographic opportunities.

Jack has an equal passion for wildlife photography, especially birds. But not just any birds. As Jack states, 'I have been fascinated with two extreme birds, one being the smallest, the hummingbird, and the other, one of the largest, the bald eagle'.

Jack photographs the hummingbirds and other birds that he attracts to flowers and feeders in his yard. He is known to sometimes patiently wait for hours for the perfect, amazing shot. In the winter he faithfully sustains his tiny, feathered friends (and even some squirrels) through the cold and snow by tending numerous feeders around his home and setting out heat lamps, as needed. When Jack craves bigger game, he grabs his trusty Nikon's and long lenses and heads out into the nearby mountains in search of eagles and wildlife.

Due to a hearing disability (Tinnitus) Jack is unable to talk on the phone. He requests that fans and customers contact him by email or texting. In person Jack reads lips and hears partially, making his disability practically invisible to those around him.

Prints or Images may be purchased in many formats, please contact Jack Moskovita directly by Email or Text for your needs.

***** The above "About the Photographer" was written by the late Alan Casey who was Jacks Agent for 10 years. ******

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Jack Moskovita
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Email:  jack.moskovita@gmail.com
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