USA Dwight's 1977 CORVETTE  USA

Dwight, who hails from Canada, had this to say about his Corvette-
"This car may be extremely rare for 1977. I just sent a reply to the magazine Corvette Fever in repsonse to an article on a 2002 'collectable'. The article deals with a car that was built with an unauthorized color combination ! In June 2000, my car generated quite the discussion on the Netvettes forum. It was thought by "Tom73" and "Allen" to very possibly be a 1 of 1 car for that year, in that no other car was built EXACTLY like it. Besides the unauthorized color combination, the car has no AC (when 93% of them did), has the standard AM/FM radio (only 10% of them did) and has the aluminum wheels (only 13% of them did). I also have the GM spec sheet that I ordered, the original hand-written dealer sheet dated Apr 18, 1977 w/sticker value of $11,704.45."
PS: The dog in the photos is our Doberman 'Kaito'. A GREAT anti-theft device !!